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11 July
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Matthew Pizzolato writes mostly Westerns, but also dabbles in other genres such as historical fiction, fantasy and science fiction. He maintains his own website and writes a weekly NASCAR column for Insider Racing News. He is a contributing writer for Suite101.com, having written over 40 nonfiction articles for that site on topics ranging from historical biographies about some of his favorite gunfighters of the Old West, to World War 2 aircraft, to tips for playing Mobsters, the popular Myspace game.

His short stories have been published online and in print in publications such as: The Copperfield Review, The Storyteller, The Pink Chameleon Online, Perpetual Magazine, Long Story Short. He has completed two novels and is currently seeking an agent. He received a rejection slip for his most recent novel, COMANCHE JUSTICE, from Leisure Books.

He recently launched, The Western Online, a new webzine that publishes Western fiction, nonfiction articles on any subject dealing with the Old West, and Western themed artwork. Check the Submission Guidelines and submit your work today.

To find out anything else about Matthew, visit his website: matthew-pizzolato.com