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Pulp Modern Issue 1

I have a Western short story in this collection titled "Pack of Wolves."  It's the first story with a new character I've created that I'm in the process of writing a series of stories about and I'm also in the middle of a novel featuring this character.  I'm excited about this collection being released and I'm proud to be part of it and to be featured among so many fine writers.  

Pulp Modern is available now on Createspace and will be on Amazon and other sites soon.  

The inaugural issue of Pulp Modern, a quarterly dedicated to crime, fantasy, and western fiction. Includes new stories by Jimmy Callaway, James Duncan, C.J. Edwards, Garnett Elliott, Melissa Embry, Edward A. Grainger, Glenn Gray, David James Keaton, John Kenyon, Chris La Tray, Yarrow Paisley, Matthew Pizzolato, Thomas Pluck, Stephen D. Rogers, Sandra Seamans, Copper Smith and a classic tale by pulp fiction pioneer Lawrence Block. (Edited by Alec Cizak)


Bold New Changes at The Western Online

In honor of the two year anniversary of the site, a plethora of changes have arrived at The Western Online.

Instead of being a "for the love" market, The Western Online is now a token market. We will offer a token payment of $5.00 per short story regardless of the length and $3.00 for each piece of artwork or article. In addition to short stories, we will also now publish novella length work that we will serialize and post on a monthly basis.

As a way for the site to generate revenue so that we can pay our contributors, we are launching an online store through Cafepress.com where we will earn a percentage of the sales called The Western Online Mercantile. You can buy t-shirts, coffee mugs, bumper stickers, calenders and all sorts of cool stuff. We will always be adding new items to the store, so check back often.

As part of the celebration, we have tons of new content.  We have published two new historical articles, an exclusive interview with Kenneth Mark Hoover, a new episode of our Western comic strip - "Jud Nelson - Texas Ranger," some spectaular Western artwork by Ken Consaul, two new short stories, and the first installment of a serialized novella, "The Call Chronicles" by Kathi Sprayberry.

I have written a new edition of our editorial article, The Roundup: Bold New Changes at The Western Online. It details all of the changes and our plans for the future.

To check out all of our latest updates, stop by The Western Online today! Be sure to leave us a comment on the blog or somewhere on the site. We'd love to hear from you.

My Personal West

I am proud to be part of Richard Prosch's Meridian Bridge My Personal West series. My personal essay appears there and I am thrilled and honored to be included among so many fine Western writers.

Interesting article

There's a very interesting article regarding the future of the publishing industry over at The Tainted Archive.

The Comeback of the Short Story

Updates at The Western Online

We published a new edition of The Roundup:

We have two new short stories:

If you missed any of the short stories we've published in the past few months, stop by the Fiction Page of The Western Online and stay awhile. You won't be disappointed.

Lewis B. Patten

 "I  have always maintained that there are thousands of potential writers with more talent than I have.  What they don't have is guts: the will to sit down at the typewriter and write, whether the copy that comes out is worth a damn or not.  If they keep trying, sooner or later it will be worth a damn and some publisher will buy it."  

-  Lewis B. Patten

10 Authors That Influence You

 The Rules: Don't take too long to think about it. Ten authors who've influenced you and that will always stick with you. List the first ten you can recall in no more than ten minutes.

Louis L'Amour
Jack London
Zane Grey
Loren D. Estleman
J.R.R. Tolkein
Stephen King
W. Michael Gear
Ralph Compton
Robert. B. Parker
William W. Johnstone

My Short Story Was Published Today!

My short story, The Wanted Man, is the featured story this week at Beat to a Pulp Ezine! I'm extremely proud of this story and I am honored to have my work appear at BTAP.

Be sure to check it out and leave a comment.

Happy Birthday to The Western Online

On September 4, 2009, Mike and I launched The Western Online. The site has grown tremendously beyond what I first envisioned and I hope its around for a very long time. The site would not be what it is today without the hard work and dedication of our Associate Editor Michael T. Pizzolato. In addition to providing the graphic designer for The Western Online, Mike has contributed an amazing amount of artwork to the site, helps read story submissions, and even contributes articles for our editorial section, The Roundup. Without his encouragement and support, I probably wouldn't have launched the site at all.

Many thanks to all of those who have contributed their fine works to The Western Online.  Without our excellent writers, we wouldn't exist at all.  

Happy Birthday to The Western Online!

The Western Online is on YouTube!

Our Associate Editor Michael T. Pizzolato designed this video using some of his artwork and a few screen shots of the site. It's pretty neat. Check it out and feel free to repost.